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Unlock co-selling opportunities and foster collaboration for successful client engagements with a software development outsourcing company boasting 9 years of experience and a proven track record serving diverse clientele.

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Your Partner for Recruitment & Software Developer on Demand

We provide companies with senior tech talent and software product development expertise to build world-class software.

Our mission is to deliver the ideas and needs of our clients into business value by providing stable and innovative solutions with a high level of expertise and a competitive spirit.


Based on your resource needs, we can quickly scale to fill any gaps and deliver your requirements on time and within budget.

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We combine agile development methodology, tools to track progress and experienced engineers to develop and support your custom software product development solution.

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We’ve excelled our experience in a wide range of industries to bring valuable insights and provide our customers.


Our aim is to reach clients’ satisfaction.
Here are some of our clients' appreciation:

Emilia Clarke
CEO, Finnish Software Developer
"I really like how they propose solutions instead of just replicate the requirements. That consulting piece provides much better value."
Emilia Clarke
Ville Herva
Viasys VDC, Former CTO
“We’ve done business with Bac Ha since Bac Ha was established. We feel confident submitting high level projects to Bac Ha which require highest level of technical expertise and ability to solve problems without our involvement. Bac Ha is our premier part in Vietnam and whole of South East Asia.”
Emilia Clarke
Jarkko Sireeni
CEO, xD Visuals Oy
“I have been working with Bacha Software for over 10 years now and they have developed many solutions for my customers and for my products. I find it easy to work with them and they have a professional touch in software development. I have chosen Bacha Software as my partner because they have a perfectly matching track record in making solutions in my business focus areas, which are SaaS services for BIM and GIS, including web and mobile based 3D solutions.”
Emilia Clarke
Garrett Lang
President and founder
“I have taken into consideration and evaluated over 100 firms who are responsible for my development work. We are a startup who spend our own hard earned money to build a business, so every dollar needs to be taken into account. We have always been searching high and low for partners who are cost- effective, proactive, and reliable. I’ve been working with 3 firms regularly for about 1 year. Out of the 100 that I’ve considered to work for me, most of them didn't make it to the round of signing my NDA or seeing my code base. Of the few that got to that far, far fewer actually got assigned work from me. However, BHSoft has remained my most reliable vendor from the start. BHSoft is our high-quality partner that charges a fair price for their work. I highly recommend them, and in fact have rewarded them equity in my company to thank them for their consistent, high-quality and cost-effective work."

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