Mobile apps
We build a proper rest API for customer’s mobile application as well as provide DevOps engineer and DevOps service package.

The Client:

The client is from Australia who owns and manages a platform for finding and hiring support workers for domestic assistance, home maintenance, nursing/ personal care.

Client Business Need:

  • The client’s main request is to build a proper REST API that lets mobile applications communicate with specific web or cloud-based services. They are also in need of hiring DevOps engineers. 

The project:

The client asks us to build a proper REST API that lets mobile applications communicate with specific web or cloud-based services.
With many years of experience in building APIs for customers, we designed a simple and consistent API for customer’s mobile app along with clear documentation and proper versioning from the start.
We also implemented unit testing to detect any early bugs in order to deliver error-free final product. This also helps simplify the debugging process for our team as well as reduce cost of bug fixes.
Since we are used to Agile, everything was done smoothly and worth every bit of our effort within an efficient amount of time.
As integration is key, we also utilized Bitbucket Pipelines to build, test and deploy code. Bitbucket offers unlimited private repositories and suited our small team with 3 people (it was free for small teams).
For devOps service package, we manage customer project through AWS service

  • We use Elastic Beanstalk orchestration service to manage server 
  • We managed database by using AWS RDS 
  • We used Amazon S3 to store and protect photos and documents
  • For webpage cache we used CloudFront
  • And for domain control we use Amazon Route 53


  • It took a significant amount of time for the frontend team and backend team to discuss and reach consensus on API interface/ document.


We used a Swagger package/ OpenApi annotations to generate API documentation .

Technology used:

  • Language: PHP/ Laravel
  • Bitbucket Pipeline for unit test, auto deployment
  • Elastic Beanstalk for server
  • AWS RDS for database
  • Amazon S3 for photos and documents storage
  • CloudFront for webpage cache
  • Amazon Route 53 for domain control

Communication Channel:

Communicating via Skype, Trello, Git.

Methodology used:

  • Agile/ Scrum/ DevOps

Project Duration​

  • May 1st 2019 – August 2019.