Web apps

Heavy Equipment Management Solution

The Client

The client is a Finnish technology  company who offers open solutions for digitalizing earthmoving job sites and robotizing earthmoving machinery. They aim to develop, manufacture, and supply hardware and software to increase the productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability of the earthmoving industry.

Client Business Need

The client would like to build a web application that allows users to monitor heavy equipment in different construction areas, based on location.

The project

We offered an affordable and long-term web app solution so that the customer can watch over all of the heavy equipment. The web application allows users to:
  • Detect and track location of the equipment
  • Provide a full history of equipment analysis and report on the operation situation.
  • Daily monitor equipment efficiency to increase productivity
In general, the web application obtains information from a number of machines. These machines are integrated with heavy construction equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders, surface drills or dozers which are operating at various construction areas. The main task of the machines is to upload their log points along with all essential information (operation situation, operation result, machine location)  onto the web platform. Each machine uses its own project ID to join the project, syncing with the project data (project planning, work order, etc.) 


DevOps was a new concept at that time so the team needed time to adapt.


Our employees are trained to adapt with new technologies on a daily basis. With an open mind, there were no obstacles for the team to update their skill in order to work with the new approach at that time.

Technology used

  • Angular 7
  • Amazon S3, Amazon Cognito, AWS Lambda, Amazon API gateway, Amazon DynamoDB

Communication channel

  • Communicating via Skype, Trello, Git.

Methodology used

  • Agile, DevOps

Project size:

  • 10MMS, 2 developers

Project Duration

  • 2017-2019