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Why On-Demand Team is Inevitable to Scale Up Your Business

Nowadays, hiring permanent talents is not an easy task, if not quite challenging. In 2021, global talent shortages hit a decade-high as 54% of companies reported their lack of new skilled workers. In such a difficult situation, outsourcing several parts of your business while keeping the full-time core employees simple is the key to success. On-demand team has become a ubiquitous strategy that can be seen in both large corporations and start-ups. For you and your thriving business, it could just be inevitable.

A team of co-worker is brainstorming about something.
On-demand team has become a ubiquitous strategy to solve the lack of talent problem. Credit: Getty Images.

What is an on-demand team?

Let’s get back to the basics. An on-demand team consists of on-demand employees who only work for your company when needed. This group of people offer the expertise that is vital to your business without all the hassle of the traditional hiring process. Thanks to technological innovation, employers and on-demand employees can reach out to each other easily no matter where they are on the globe. As a business owner, through building on-demand teams, you can provide what your business needs to scale up despite the local talent shortages.

Pros & Cons of on-demand team


  • Agility: With on-demand teams, you can get many employees onboard in a short-time notice to provide what your projects need.
  • Flexibility: By staying lean and nimble, your company will be able to adjust much faster to the realities of the business than a large organization.
  • Availability: On-demand staff can work for you from anywhere that has Internet, which means almost everywhere. Local talent shortages are no longer your problem.
  • Cost-saving: You can reduce a lot of overhead cost because you won’t have to pay for new hardware or provide any sort of training for your on-demand employees. They are already experts in their fields and have every tool they need to work on your ideas.


  • Finding the fits: When you have millions of talents to choose from, making the right choices is not simple. Your interview process must be on point to recruit efficient contributors for your business.
  • Confidentiality: Sharing your ideas and vision of the business with a group of people you never really meet will be an obstacle. That’s out of the question.

How to build an efficient on-demand team?

A group of employees, members of a team.
Building an on-demand team differs from the traditional way of hiring. Credit: Freepik.

There is no formula to success for everyone but following these few principles can save you tons of time and money to expand your booming business.

  • Optimise your hiring process (interviewing, testing,…) to select the right fits for your business from a huge global talent pool.
  • Focus on how the people you are hiring can deliver their expertise and how their skill set matches your requirements.
  • Always stay agile and flexible: in an ever-changing business landscape, stay ready to make adjustments to your team when needed.
  • Your business goal matters the most. Delivery speed, cost, quality assurance,… you need to consider these factors when building an on-demand team.


In an on-demand economy, on-demand employment is the present and the future of every business, ranging from start-ups to large corporations. Sometimes, you just need a single contractor to fill some gaps in the business. Other times, you got to build a whole on-demand team to get your dream project up and running. Our team of software development and business experts at DevScout will help you from the concept to the market-ready product. Are you ready to get started? Contact us through our contact form or send your inquiries to [email protected]!